Eldredge Manor at duskThere’s no denying that most wedding plans in Salt Lake City are set for the summer months. When the mountains are awash in greenery, the flowers are in bloom, and the sun is shining, it’s easy to picture that perfect wedding taking place. However, anyone who’s spent any time in the state will also agree that winters are a unique experience. From skiers taking advantage of the incredible slopes to those who simply find something magical in a blanket of pure white snow, the cold months hold their own kind of appeal. Warm candle glow is out-of-place in June anyway.

And for many brides and grooms, winter weddings hold their own kind of appeal, as well. Not only can you take advantage of off-season prices, but you can set yourself apart and capitalize on a time of year when many people are eager for the comforts of family, friends, and most importantly—love.

  • Winter gazeboLook for Discounted Prices: Although not every Utah wedding vendor will offer discounted rates in the winter, it’s never a bad idea to ask. Because this is the off-season for weddings, many vendors will be able to reduce your prices and offer more flexibility in terms of availability. (As an added bonus, you might also be able to score great deals on your honeymoon.)
  • Find an Indoor Space You Adore: There’s probably no question that your winter wedding will take place indoors, so find a reception hall in Utah that captures all the romance and ambiance you’re after. A mansion or elegant facility like Eldredge Manor is ideal for this. Because our interiors offer something special no matter what time of year it is, you can have an upscale, elegant wedding without worrying about the weather.
  • Pick Seasonal Decorations: One of the best (and worst) things about a winter wedding is that your choice of wedding flowers will be smaller. Although you can get almost any kind of bloom shipped in, more exotic and off-season flowers will cost more. Skip the bright flowers associated with summer weddings and opt instead for a candy theme, candlelit romance, or a winter wonderland feel.
  • Expect Adverse Weather: We all know Utah winters can be rough, so plan accordingly. Give your guests a few extra travel days. Plan outings that make the most out of local outdoor pursuits and indoor activities. Have backup transportation options. Like a summer wedding, a winter wedding is dependent on the weather, so it never hurts to consider all the best- and worst-case scenarios.
  • Embrace the Season: While there is something to be said for throwing a fun, kitschy tropical-themed wedding in January, most brides embrace all that the winter season has to offer. Luxurious furs and capes, sparkling white decorations, warm drinks and wholesome food—all those details make a winter wonderland wedding come to life.
  • Plan around the Holidays: While you might be able to get a few out-of-town guests who are capitalizing on the holiday season and coming home for Christmas, most people will be otherwise engaged during the busiest November and December months. Try not to intrude too much on the holidays, or combine family events and your wedding to get the most attendance.

No matter what time of year you choose for your Utah wedding, the most successful events are the ones that come with careful planning and consideration. Start looking now for that perfect indoor venue, and all the rest of the pieces of your winter wedding will fall into place.