lookForWeddingLocation800On-line photos and lists outlining ideal wedding locations discuss only the glittering surface. You can go rustic outdoors or a hall that will allow you to bring in your own tables, food and decorations. While these are important things to look for, they’re much less important than ensuring your guests’ safety and comfort. Because you could have hundreds of people arriving to celebrate and wish you well, the best Utah wedding locations are those that not only look great, but are also equipped to handle the details of a wedding luncheon or reception.

  • Good Parking: Where will your guests park? Private homes and even some venues rarely have enough street space for all your guests, and locations too far outside the city might not have parking lots at all. Everyone needs to be able to park safely and access the event without walking too far.
  • ADA Compatibility: Elderly guests and those with special needs require more than just a place to sit down and enjoy themselves. Is the venue approved by the Americans with Disabilities Act? Are restrooms accessible by everyone? Can guests in wheelchairs access the facility?
  • Fire Safety: That barn with the open field or the warehouse in the heart of the city might make a quaint backdrop, but how safe is it? Are there less than 3 exits, or inadequate safety measures?  All wedding sites in Utah need to be approved by the county or city for the number of guests you intend to invite, or you could be slapped with a hefty fine.
  • Insurance Needs: Because this is your wedding, you (and/or the wedding venue) are responsible for the safety of your guests. If someone gets hurt or there is an accident – including a simple fall, you would be the one facing the financial costs. Are you prepared to cover the liability insurance yourself, or would you rather find a venue with all the insurance and safety features already in place?
  • Electricity Capabilities: Lighting, music, heaters and/or air conditioning, microphones, photo slide shows, heating pads for the food…all these things take up electricity. Make sure the facility is equipped to handle everything you have planned (and that outlets are placed where you need them).
  • Enough Restrooms: One thing those great outdoor wedding shots don’t show you—the bathrooms. If you’ll be having your wedding or reception somewhere with few or no restroom facilities, you’ll have to hire portable options.
  • Kitchen Equipment: A well-stocked kitchen is a must if you’ll be serving food. Not only is it much more difficult to prepare and serve food outside or in an area without prep facilities, but food safety is also big consideration. You want to have access to proper sinks, waste, refridgeration and heating options.

This list of venue must-haves might not be very glamorous, but these are all things to keep in mind as you search for your perfect Utah wedding location. Once the practical considerations are out of the way, you can focus on the things like where you’ll enter for your first dance and how to capture the best wedding photos.