Eldredge Manor estate is a perfect, formal backdrop with all the amenitiesIt doesn’t matter whether you’re planning a traditional reception decked with flowers and swathed with gauze, or if you have something more modern in mind — the wedding reception center you choose will provide the foundation for all that you do. Rather than a large rectangular box, choosing a venue with unique spaces that you can manipulate in any way that you want will allow more control to create your “own feel.”

Because most weddings are planned months (or even years) in advance, you will need to secure a Utah wedding venue before you know exactly what your themes, colors, and even guest count will be. That’s why these venue basics are a must-have for creating the best wedding for you and your loved ones.

A Large Floor Plan: It is always better to have too much space than not enough. You can always close off an area; bring in room dividers; separate the area with tables; create an area for dancing; or even add decorations.

Audio/Visual Equipment: Find a wedding reception center that has the capability to play both music and video (ideally with MP3 or iPod compatibility, as well as the ability to play CDs and DVDs). A piano and setup for live music is also a good idea if you plan on having a band or other musical group to play for your reception. Having all this wired and ready to go can save you time, money, and quite a bit of planning.

Adjustable Lighting: Every wedding reception is a little bit different, and your own needs will change throughout the event. Whether you want low lights for dancing, brighter lights for dining and photographs, or any combination of them for your unique event, it is ideal to choose a venue that offers a quick and easy way to set the mood.

A Formal Backdrop: Choosing classic architecture built in the grand, traditional style of the 1800s is a great way to save on decorating costs and create an elegant space for virtually any wedding theme. It will also enhance the chances that your photographs and memories will remain timeless. Look for a venue with chandeliers, large airy windows, and original woodwork. These will allow for an afternoon or evening reception that shines.

Preparation Rooms: Although the ballroom can be the centerpiece of your wedding reception, it is always nice to have facilities for the bride, groom, bridal party, separate dining, and even for the receiving line.

Your Utah reception center should provide everything you need to set the tone for your special day. Although you will be likely to add your own personal touches to the venue d├ęcor, it’s important to start off with a canvas that is both beautiful and neutral. A wedding venue in the grand, traditional style (but with modern upgrades for music and video) is an ideal place to start.