Great food makes great receptions! Our delightful menus are abundant and full! Truly we do food better than anyone else!


(Pre-plated & served to your guests)

James’ Plate $5.85
You can select one of three variations depending on the season: 1) A large scoop of Sherbet garnished with Raspberries, Blueberries and other seasonal Fruits. 2) A scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream in a large Cream Puff Shell topped with Chocolate Sauce, sprinkled with Powdered Sugar. 3) A Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae — all served with Ice Water

Afton’s Plate $5.95
A traditional Cocktail Sandwich and a Chocolate Éclair with real Bavarian Cream, fresh fruit, and sparkling Citrus Peach Punch

Jane’s Plate $5.95
Various homemade creamy New York Style Cheesecakes randomly served with swirls of Raspberry, Chocolate and Caramel Topping and sparkling Citrus Peach Punch


Dessert Buffets

Ice Cream Sundae Buffet $6.75
The old fashioned Ice Cream Buffet with three choices of ice cream to scoop into a waffle bowl, with various choices of toppings, nuts, sprinkles, whipped cream and a cherry! Served with ice water

Doughnut Holes and Hot Chocolate $6.75
Six varieties of Doughnut Holes and four flavors of Hot Chocolate served with flavorings and topped with Whipped Cream, Shaved Chocolate, Sprinkles, Powdered Sugar, Cinnamon and mini Marshmallows.

Crepe Buffet $6.95
Hot dessert crepes for your guests to fill with their choice of Apple, Custard, Peach, Cherry etc. Fresh Fruits (sliced strawberries, blueberries, bananas), and topped with Whipped Cream, Chocolate, Caramel, Nuts, Powdered Sugar, Cinnamon or Shaved Chocolate. Served with sparkling Citrus Peach Punch

Chocolate Buffet $6.95
Warm, Rich Flowing Chocolate from our two Chocolate Fountains to pour over a wide variety of seasonal Fruits, Pretzels, even Marshmallows and Cinnamon Bears for the little ones; then we add other chocolate goodies such as: Eclairs, Brownies and Mint Chocolate Cookies. Served with Ice Water

Dessert Buffet $6.95
This is the creme de la creme of dessert samplings. An ample supply of Chocolate Éclairs, Cheesecake Slices, Mini Cupcakes, Raspberry Squares, Lemon Bars, Layer Cakes, Cookies, Pastry Bars and other treats served with sparkling Citrus Peach Punch

Waffle Buffet $6.95
For those who love breakfast foods anytime…  this buffet comes with 4-inch individual hot waffles served with fresh fruit (sliced strawberries, blueberries, bananas), butter, maple syrup, whipped cream, and other toppings and goodies, even chocolate sauce. Milk and orange juice are the beverage. (Winter months this pairs great with our Hot Chocolate bar! For this and other add-ons, see below)

Cake Buffet $6.95
Exquisitely decorated and delectable cakes such as: Black Forest, Chocolate, Banana, Lemon, Spice, Cheesecakes, Layercakes etc. artfully presented and served with sparkling Citrus Peach Punch

Hors d’oeuvre Buffets (Appetizers)

Soup Buffet $7.45
Our signature buffet – Four Steaming Hot Soups: Creamy Cheese Broccoli, Southwestern Chicken Tortilla, Broadway Tomato Basil Bisque and Twice-Baked Potato served with two varieties of Homemade Bread-sticks, Cheeses, Grapes, Pastries and sparkling House Punch

Victorian Buffet $7.45
Cocktail Sandwiches (2 varieties – chicken salad and rolled ham Dijon), Vegetables and Dip, Artistic and Abundant Fruit trays of Citrus and Berries, Pastries and treats. Served with Citrus Peach Punch

Light Dinner Buffets

Traditional Buffet $8.95
A bountiful buffet of Cocktail Sandwiches (2 varieties – chicken salad and rolled ham Dijon), Green and Pasta Salads; Abundant Cheese, Vegetable and Fruit Trays; Pastries, and Citrus Peach Punch

Soup, Salad and Sandwich Buffet $10.45
Two Steaming Hot Soups: Broadway Tomato Bisque and Twice-Baked Potato served with Ham Dijon Cocktail Sandwiches, a Garden Green Salad, Cheeses, Grapes, Pastries and sparkling Citrus Peach Punch

Deluxe Buffet $12.45
Hot Meat Balls in Concord Sauce, Stuffed Mushrooms, Pasta Salad and Green Salad, Cocktail Sandwiches; Abundant Cheese, Vegetable and Fruit Trays; Pastries and sparkling Citrus Peach Punch

Dinner Buffets

Island Buffet $13.95
Hawaiian Chicken in an Orange Ginger Pineapple sauce, Chilled Shrimp Platter, Garden Salad, Assorted Cheeses, Vegetable and Fruit Trays, Coconut Pastries and sparkling Citrus Punch

Bountiful Buffet $15.45
A Chocolate Fountain with all the trimmings caps off Hot Meat Balls in Concord Sauce, Chilled Shrimp Platter, Green Salad, Pasta Salad, Cocktail Sandwiches; Abundant Cheese, Vegetable and Fruit Trays; Pastries and sparkling Citrus Peach Punch

The Chef’s Buffet $19.95
Roast Baron of Beef with Carver, Grilled Breast of Chicken Strips with Teriyaki or Apricot Chipotle glaze, Baby Potatoes or Rice Pilaf, Green Salad, Abundant Cheese, Vegetable and Fruit Trays, Rolls, Pastries and sparkling Citrus Peach Punch.

The first 4 plates can be served buffet style for an additional $1.50 per guest.
Below are mini buffet stations and single items that can be added to your main buffet making your event truly memorable.
Also, any two buffets above can be combined for a truly eye-popping display!


The items below cannot be used alone. They can only be served as an add-on to reception buffets menus above.

A) Hot Chocolate Bar – Set-up $60.00 plus $2.25 per serving
Rich dark Hot Chocolate served with Whipped Cream, Mini Marshmallows, Shaved Chocolate, Cinnamon and assorted Sprinkles.

B) Candy Buffet – set-up only $45
Set up only includes Table, Cloth, Jars and Scoops.

C) Chocolate Fountain $50.00 set-up plus $2.45 per serving
Warm, rich flowing Chocolate from our Chocolate Fountain to dip items from your buffet. Plus we will add items such as Marshmallows, pretzels, piroulines, cookies and even Cinnamon Bears. This is always an impressive addition that adds excitement to any buffet.

D) Italian Soda Bar $50.00 set up plus 2.35 per serving
This is a real hit – summer or winter. Your guests love building their own, custom-made Italian soda; 8 flavors to choose from, plus real cream and even top it off with whipped cream.   Flavors may include: Pina Colada, Hazelnut, Cherry, Lime, Vanilla, Irish Creme, Raspberry, Macadamia Nut, or Chocolate Mint.

E) Cheese and Crackers $65 set up plus $x per serving (depending on variety of cheese)

F) Fountain Drinks $195.00 set up plus 1.25 per serving
Add a bit of fun with a personal soda station! – Coke products in stylized aluminum bottles. 4 flavors: Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Sprite.

G) S’mores Buffet $60.00 set up plus 1.95 per serving
This is a crowd pleaser – in any season. Your guests will love building their own, s’more around our “campfire”;  Marshmallows for roasting, graham crackers and chocolate bars – just like you remember it!

K) Kids Buffet $275.00
Fun – served on a special ‘kids height’ buffet table, this service for up to 40 children includes specialty cut PB&J sandwiches, chips, cookies, rice-crispy squares, cheese and boxed drinks.


H) Hot Dish $2.45 per serving
Add a real touch of elegance! – Choose from Hot Meat Balls in rich Sauce, Stuffed Mushrooms or Soup served from an elegant chaffing dish.

I) Ice Sculpture $295.00
Add a touch of class to your buffet table! Your names engraved in a heart on a pedestal, a punch bowl made of ice, or a large ice vase for flowers.

S) Shrimp Platter $2.25 per serving
Chilled shrimp, peeled and ready to eat served with our own special cocktail sauce.

T) Coffee Service $2.45 per serving, minimum 45 servings

W) Caprese Skewers $2.95 per serving
Add some Italian flair! – Colorful Skewers made from fresh Mozzarella balls, fresh basil leaves and fresh grape tomatoes.


We require a minimum of 100 servings.  Saturday evenings from May through September, (peak season), we require 250 servings per reception.  Food service for your reception is typically two hours. Labor to extend food service is $300 per hour. The catering portion of your bill is computed by totaling the number of guests anticipated, (our wedding consultant will help you here), then multiply that number by the menu price. (The minimum charge per guest is $5.75).  A 20% food service fee (gratuity) is added to your bill. With the exception of the wedding cake, the complete menu will be catered by the Eldredge Manor. No other food items should be brought into the Eldredge Manor.