In keeping with generally accepted rules of etiquette, there should be at least one usher to greet guests. One may in fact act as a doorman opening the door as each guest enters or leaves. Another may greet guests announcing them to the first person in the receiving line.

The wedding party – or reception line – traditionally begins with the bride’s parents who, in most cases, are the hosts. They are followed by the groom’s parents, the best man, the groom, the bride, and finally, the bride’s maids.

The wedding party generally should stay in a single location easily accessible to arriving guests. This courtesy should be shown due to the fact that guests have made the effort to attend, many have traveled, and most have likely brought a gift. Even in an informal reception setting, the members of the wedding party should assure that each wedding guest is personally greeted.

If keeping with tradition, the bride’s family sponsors and hosts the reception. Members of the the groom’s family are invited guests. They should be careful not to invite a greater number of guests than that of the bride’s family. Where this is a necessity, the groom’s family should offer to pay for any additional costs incurred in printing, mailing and catering charges.