Dinners/Banquets are served on linen tablecloths and fine china. They include: house salad, entrée, rolls, refillable house beverage, and choice of dessert. Please select one menu for your entire group. A soup course is available at an additional cost.


· Cheese Broccoli
· Southwest Chicken Tortilla
· Loaded Baked Potato
· Broadway Tomato Basil
· Citrus Carrot
· Home-style Chicken Noodle

Dinner Entrees and Sides

Slow Cooked Roast Beef — $18.25
A real favorite; tender lean beef, slow-roasted to perfection, served with home-style creamy pepper mashed potatoes, rich beef gravy and brown-sugar baby carrots.
Glazed Old Town Ham — $16.45
Delicious moist ham baked in our own special honey-mustard glaze, served with key-west blend vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes.
Pork Medallions — $16.95
Tender pork medallions topped with our tangy honey-orange glaze, served with steamed vegetables over creamy pepper mashed potatoes.
Lemon Creme Chicken — $15.45
Our house special – tender grilled breast of chicken topped with a rich lemon cream sauce, served with a colorful blend of vegetables and creamy pepper mashed potatoes.
Roasted Turkey — $16.95
Succulent breast of turkey specially roasted to retain tenderness. Served with brown-sugar baby carrots, red-skin mashed potatoes, butter and gravy.
Prime Rib — $24.95
Tender, succulent Prime Rib with Au Jus, served medium well with brown-sugar baby carrots, creamy pepper mashed potatoes and rich beef gravy.
Chicken Cordon Bleu — $16.95
The traditional favorite – A large breaded chicken breast filled with Canadian bacon and Swiss cheese served with garlic mashed potatoes and key-west blend vegetables.
Apricot Chipotle Chicken — $16.45
A southwest inspired taste with the perfect zip – Tender grilled breast of chicken topped with an apricot chipotle sauce, served with mixed vegetables, a baked potato, sour cream and butter.
Orange-Raspberry Chicken (gluten-free entree) — $16.45
Skinless breast of chicken roasted and topped with our orange-raspberry glaze, served on a bed of creamy pepper mashed potatoes and a side of vegetables.
Teriyaki Chicken — $15.45
A tender grilled breast of chicken marinated then glazed in our own special teriyaki sauce served with a rice pilaf and fresh vegetables.
Pork Wild Wings — $18.45
The chef’s favorite. A unique sensation featuring bone-in oven-baked baby pork shanks topped with mildly-sweet jalapeno sauce over a bed of fresh mashed potatoes and vegetables.
Peach Chicken and Fire Roasted Quinoa — $16.95
Grilled breast of chicken on a bed of fire-roasted red quinoa and rice covered with a fresh peach chipotle sauce. Sensibly spicy.
Baked Salmon — $20.95
Fresh moist salmon cooked in an apple butter sauce, served with a baked potato and key-west blend vegetables.
Mango Ancho-Ginger Chicken (gluten-free entree) — $16.45
Tender, skinless breast of chicken roasted and topped with a sweet ancho-mango sauce, served on a bed of creamy pepper mashed potatoes and a side of Malibu vegetables.
Slow Roasted New York Strip — $19.45
Slow roasted New York strip loin served “prime-rib” style. Served with creamy pepper mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables.


· Swirled Cheesecake slice (Raspberry or Chocolate)
· Chocolate Bavarian-Crème Éclair
· Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie and Ice Cream
· Raspberry Sherbet with Cookie
· Caramel Ice Cream Sundae
· Brownie Hot Fudge Sundae

Room Rental

Rental of our private dining room and sitting rooms for a 2 hour dinner is $595. Dinners can begin as early as 5:00pm.  If desired for your function, We can provide you with an enhanced celebration service @ $495.00 that includes display table, guest sign-in table, gift table, easels, cake cutting service, send-off celebration, and access to Bride’s and Groom’s rooms.  Please note that dinners do not allow time for photography, dancing or other activities that are typically associated with wedding events — please refer to our reception packages.

Dinner Policies

Dinners require a 75 guest minimum — our maximum for dinner is 100 guests. A final guest count is required 14 days in advance. You will be charged for that number plus any additional guests. Child’s portions — for children 8 years and under — are available at $2.00 off the menu price upon request if made prior to the date of your function. All prices are subject to Davis County restaurant sales tax and a 20% service charge.

Special menus i.e. vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free can be ordered along with your banquet or dinner. If you wish to offer your guests a choice of two entrées, that can also be accommodated within certain menus. There is $2.00 per person additional charge for these services.