Summer Utah weddings are often some of the most beautiful events out there. With wide-open, sunny skies, flowers in full bloom, and everyone decked out in their summer best, there’s no better backdrop for your big day.

However, anyone who’s spent one of those beautiful Utah summer days outdoors knows that the heat can be a real issue. When temperatures soar above 90 degrees and the relentless sun beats down, your guests may be in real danger of overheating. With the heat index, you could also be facing wilted flowers, spoiled food, and ruined dresses and tuxedos.

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to keep everyone cool during a summer wedding. And the number one way to do it? Location. 

Wedding Location, Location, Location

Nothing will keep your guests cooler than an appropriately chosen location. No number of dress code suggestions, air conditioners brought in, cold drinks served, or shade tents placed up will be half as effective as choosing a wedding and reception venue that can adapt to your needs.

In fact, the most ideal location is an indoor/outdoor venue that provides the best of both worlds. The air conditioned indoor spaces provide a comfortable and beautiful backdrop for your guests as they mingle and dine. The summery outdoor spaces allow you to take phenomenal wedding photos while also taking advantage of a beautiful summer garden wedding.

In order to choose the perfect indoor/outdoor venue, we suggest you follow these guidelines:

  • Find shade. We all love outdoor summer wedding ceremonies. But, the direct sunlight in Utah after 10:00 in the morning is uncomfortable at least and dangerous to guests. This is especially vital for bridesmaids’ and groomsmen standing during the ceremony. Shaded wedding ceremony sights are almost a must!
  • Visit the venue in the right season. If you’re planning your wedding a year in advance, visit the venue around the same time of year your event will be held. This will give you the best idea of what you can expect from the conditions. If you don’t have this much time to plan, do your best to imagine what the weather will be like on your wedding date (and ask questions related to the weather during your tour).
  • Determine where the sun and shade will be. A huge open field may look great as a backdrop, but if there are no trees or outbuildings nearby, you have to remember that the field will be 100 percent in the sunlight come summer. Imagine where you’ll have tables and chairs, and ensure that everyone—not just the vulnerable—will be seated somewhere they can be safe and comfortable.
  • Take note of kitchen and restroom accommodations. Two areas where cool temperatures are a must is anywhere food is being prepared/served and the guest restrooms. Discover where these services are and make sure they’ll have appropriate cooling measures to keep your guests safe.

Additional Venue Considerations

Once the venue question is settled, you can focus on the other steps necessary to keep everyone cool. These include:

  • Choosing gowns/tuxedos that make sense for the season.
  • Providing lots of water and cold beverages.
  • Setting up sunshades along walkways and anywhere people will gather outdoors.
  • Ensuring the parking lot isn’t too far away from the venue.
  • Providing disposable fans and/or little bottles of sunscreen as wedding favors.
  • Setting up misters and spraying fans, as needed.
  • Keeping food displays (including the cake) away from direct sunlight.