timeToGetMarriedOne of the questions we often get here at Eldredge Manor is when is the ideal time to have a wedding. Spring or summer? Weekend or weekday? Morning or evening? Although you’re free to have a wedding whenever it suits you best, there are optimal times for your Utah nuptials. Whether you’re looking to maximize attendance or simply make the most out of local deals, here’s our guide to timing your wedding just right.

Best Season for a Utah Wedding

There’s no denying that a summer wedding is appealing if you’re hoping for a traditional ceremony awash with the  natural blooms. You’re likely to get good weather, plenty of sun, and a beautiful setting.

However, because so many brides and grooms take advantage of the season, this is also a busy time for all wedding services. Try late spring or early fall for much of the same scenery without the bridal rush—or you can even opt for a winter wedding. Snowy Utah is always a sight to behold, and you’ll have the advantage of lower prices and better service.

Best Day of the Week for a Utah Wedding

It’s become so mainstream in our society for weddings to take place on a Friday or Saturday that we sometime forget there are other days to choose from. While weddings on weekends might make it easier for out-of-town guests to travel to your area, there are drawbacks to bear in mind. Travel for the weekends is more expensive (especially via airline), and because so many other brides and grooms choose this as their wedding day, you’ll be vying against other couples for attendance.

You’ll also likely be vying for services. Not only are Utah reception halls like ours booked well in advance for weekend dates, but other wedding providers (florists, photographers, DJs, and hairstylists) also tend to be busier and more expensive during peak times.

Interestingly enough, the best day for a wedding is actually on a Thursday. Our experience and the experience of other wedding halls has shown that this is the best attended day of the week for a wedding. Because people have fewer distractions on Thursdays (especially in the summer when there are so many demands on our time), guests are able to give you their full attention.

Best Time of Day for a Utah Wedding

The ideal time of day for a wedding remains much the same as it always has: afternoon or evening. While a morning wedding holds a unique kind of charm (and you can get lower rates from some venues), it’s often difficult to get everything ready to go without much preparation time.

To take advantage of the best light and to ensure that your vendors and your guests have time enough to prepare for the day to come, shoot for the 6:00 to 10:00 range depending on the time year. Remember the sun doesn’t set until 9:00 in June so those candle center-pieces won’t be showing off.