Contrary to popular belief, wedding stationery isn’t made up of just the invitations and thank-you notes. Although these two items will be the most important pieces of your wedding stationery, there are dozen more different paper-based items that will be part of your planning process.

You don’t have to monogram and match each piece, but it is important to choose each item carefully—and to make a selection in keeping with your theme and Utah reception venue.

The comprehensive list of stationery items includes:

  • Save-the-Date Cards
  • Wedding Announcements
  • Wedding Invitations
  • Envelopes
  • Reception Card
  • Directions/Maps
  • Response Cards
  • Thank-You Cards
  • Shower Invitations
  • Bachelor/Bacherlorette Party Invitations
  • Rehearsal Dinner Invitations
  • Wedding Programs
  • Place Cards
  • Table Cards
  • Menus
  • Wedding Favors

As if this list isn’t overwhelming enough, there are individual decisions to make about each one—all of which will help set your wedding’s tone. For example, there are dozens of printing processes and paper types, which range from elegant linen to handpressed recycled paper. The former (elegant linen) is great if you’re going for a clean, classic look in keeping with an upscale Utah wedding. The latter (handpressed recycled paper) can be part of a “green” wedding that captures your environmentally-friendly outlook without skimping on style.

And in most cases, the stationery you choose for your reception and your shower are two different things—which might mean hiring different printers or shopping at multiple stationery vendors.

Wedding Stationery Tips

Before you make any decisions, write out a list of all your stationery needs, including what can be done at home versus what you’d like to hire an outside company to provide. Decide what your budget for each stationery item is and how it will fit in with your overall theme. You can’t get much more luxurious than a hand-delivered invitation in a satin box, or you could also go the opposite route and skip paper altogether, going for an evite (electronic invitation) with a complete online database for the guest list. There is no rule that says you can’t make your own stationery at home using a template and a high-end printer, and many couples find that the amount of control this gives them over the end product is worth the additional work.

From there, be sure and contact companies at least a few months ahead of time. Personalized printing takes quite a bit of time, and you want some wiggle room for errors, last-minute changes, or the need for additional invitations.

Your wedding stationery isn’t likely to be the most important part of your big day, but that doesn’t mean you can rush through this step. An invitation is your guest’s first impression of the event, not only capturing who you are as a couple, but informing them how they should dress and how they can prepare to enjoy the celebration. Whether you’re a traditional bride who wants elegant scripts and vellum overlays, or if you’d rather hire a calligrapher to put a personal touch on every single envelope, the decisions you make today will help you plan the rest of the wedding.