Layton Wedding venues within 10 miles
Brides know that the Manor at Eldredge Square offers an experience unlike any Layton wedding venue. Although we host weddings for those from all over the state, many Eldredge Manor brides come from the Layton area looking for the perfect reception venue.

One visit to our facilities, and you’ll see the reason why. For wedding ceremonies, wedding luncheons, wedding receptions, and more, Eldredge Manor combines tradition, beauty, and convenience for every bride.

Easy Venue Access

The Eldredge Manor Wedding Reception Center is located directly off the freeway, just 16 minutes from downtown Layton. Our facility is large and spacious, with outdoor space that extends through the entire block. This means your guests can access the venue from either 400 North Street or 550 North Street.

In addition, the Eldredge Manor is straight down the street from the Bountiful Temple. In fact, it is the most convenient venue to the Bountiful LDS Temple, and the Ogden Temple is only 28 minutes away.

Once your guests arrive, they’ll find a huge parking lot that’s well-tended and provides immediate access to our facilities. Other reception centers in Layton tend to be short on parking, which means your guests may have to walk for blocks, even in inclement weather. This is never the case at Eldredge Manor.

Space and Beauty

Our facilities are larger than any other wedding reception center for miles. We have 7,000 square feet of space to accommodate both the wedding party and all attendant guests. This space includes a gorgeous outdoor reception and garden space unlike any other in the surrounding area. Whether you have an indoor or an outdoor reception in mind, we have the facilities to match.

If indoor facilities are what you’re after, you won’t find any better historic building in all of South Davis County. Our recent renovations are authentic and designed with quality in mind, which means you won’t find vinyl gazebos, railings, tables, or other cheap finishings.

For outdoor weddings, we also take care to ensure your guests’ comfort. Shade is a very important consideration with outdoor venues and, in contrast to the other wedding venues in the area, our gazebo, courtyard, pergola, outdoor dance floor, and ceremony site all fall within dense shade.

Great Value for Receptions

When it comes to great quality at an affordable price, Eldredge Manor offers a better value overall. Our catering staff provides tasty and filling buffets designed to satisfy every appetite.

We also offer package deals that combine many of your needed services so you can save hundreds over other wedding venues.

Why Choose Eldredge Manor?

South Davis County residents have long recognized the Eldredge Manor Reception Center as the most prestigious and classic wedding venue in the area. The quality of our food, the historical ambiance, and the personalized service mean that Eldredge Manor will never go out of style.