Wedding Venue close to Kaysville
For Kaysville brides who want the best in elegance and affordability, the Manor at Eldredge Square is a great wedding option.

Eldredge Manor attracts a high percentage of Kaysville brides. Scores of Kaysville wedding parties host their receptions, luncheons, and ceremonies at The Manor. One glance at our gorgeous grounds and facility will tell you why… but there’s more to our venue than just looks.

  • Size: Eldredge Manor is larger than any wedding venues in Kaysville. We have 7,000 sq. feet of space, which means we can accommodate large events and big families with ease.
  • Great Value: You’ll find our buffets fuller, tastier, and made with fresh, local ingredients. Our package offerings can save you hundreds of dollars over other wedding venues.
  • Convenience and Access: The Eldredge Manor Wedding Reception Center has great freeway access and is located just 14 minutes from downtown Kaysville. Our property extends through the entire block, which means we allow for access from either 400 N. or 550 N.
  • Outdoor Space: For fair-weather brides, our outdoor reception and garden space is one of the top-rated in the area. Not only does the garden offer a great backdrop for photos and mingling, but we also keep guest comfort in mind. With a well-shaded gazebo, courtyard, pergola, outdoor dance floor, and ceremony site, your guests will never be overwhelmed by the heat.
  • Parking: Reception centers in Kaysville are often short on parking, especially if you have a large family or a big number of visiting relatives. Our parking lot is large enough to accommodate even the biggest wedding parties.
  • Authenticity: When history, quality, and authenticity matter, the Eldredge Manor is a perfect fit. Our recent renovations offer a rich, gorgeous venue unequaled in South Davis County.
  • LDS Brides: For the LDS bride, the Eldredge Manor is straight down the street from the Bountiful Temple. In fact, it is the most convenient venue to the Bountiful LDS Temple, and the Salt Lake Temple Grounds are only 12 minutes away.

Whatever it is you’re looking for in a wedding and reception site, the Eldredge Manor Reception Center is the most prestigious and classic choice in South Davis. Local brides and grooms have come to know the quality of our food, the classic atmosphere, and the great service that is Eldredge Manor.