The dining room is perfect for wedding lunches and reception banquets
Timeless and affordable! We are not the latest fad. You will still love your wedding photos ten years from now. The Manor at Eldredge Square is perfect for the bride who demands more than just another pretty hall. Plus, our prices are about one-half of other top venues and you cannot do it yourself for less!

Services and Pricing

As a Utah historic landmark, the Eldredge Manor remains a romantic venue for hosting wedding receptions, ceremonies and luncheons. Our experienced staff love their work and obsess with customer service.

A word about pricing –

  • Be aware many venues use multiple hidden add-ons and higher food costs to augment a lower published price. Get the bottom line.
  • Know what it is that are you paying for: Is it vinyl fixtures masquerading as real furniture? How many square feet? How many parking spaces?
  • What are you required to do yourself? It there a hostess to take the load off of the mother?
  • Are the catering costs competitive? Are they serving on paper or plastic? How full are the buffets during your event?
  • How much experience do they really have? Be careful who you trust on this most important day!
  • Dollar for dollar we will always be the best value. From the quality and abundance of the food to the cleanliness of an authentic venue and everything in-between.

What you are buying are memories! You don’t want to look at your wedding photos ten years from now and cringe.