By tendering your deposit you will be bound by these policies. If you have any questions concerning any of these policies, please call.

Additional Time: The Manor is typically rented twice per day. The daytime rental session begins at 11:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM; the evening session runs from 4:00 PM until 10:00 PM. Our rental agreement is based on events ending in time for you and your party to be completely out by the time designated thereby avoiding additional charges. This also includes all items brought in by outside vendors. The overtime charge for additional time is $150 per ½ hour or portion thereof. (We allow some leeway in the evening session if an honest effort is being made to gather belongings etc. There is no leeway in the daytime session). Those who book both the daytime and the evening session are welcome to stay throughout the day. (In other words, the 3:00pm deadline does not apply.)

Alcoholic Beverages: We want you and your guests to enjoy yourselves in the atmosphere you wish. A simple toast between the bride, groom, and families is always welcome and not subject to the following policies.  If you choose to serve alcoholic beverages as part of your event, you must hire an outside bartender from our approved bartenders list. (they carry the correct liability insurance and licensing). You will make your own contract with them and pay them directly. They or you (however you set it up with them) will provide the alcohol, ice, cups/glasses, etc. We will provide the table and clean-up. Alcohol is best brought onto our premises in coolers already iced and turned over to the bar tenders control – alcohol cannot be stored at any time in our refrigerators. Alcohol cannot be served in the Bride’s or Groom’s room. All alcohol must be under the bar tenders control at all times. If additional alcohol is brought onto the premises without our knowledge, we will politely ask the person or persons to remove the alcohol – additionally it is subject to a fine and confiscation.
We discourage the use of hard liquor. If you choose to serve hard alcoholic beverages or mixed drinks, we charge a $500 refundable security/cleaning deposit and employ a security guard at an additional cost. If alcohol use becomes problematic, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to terminate the event due to breach of contract. The Manor at Eldredge Square and/or Eldredge Manor must be held harmless from any and all claims arising from the use of alcohol on our premises.

Children: Due to the priceless antiques on display at The Manor, and the many rocks, fountains and outdoor hazards, we sincerely ask your cooperation in supervising children. As a rule there is no running at the center. While outdoors, children must be accompanied by an adult and remain on pathways or lawns. A two-hour reception is a long time for young ones to entertain themselves. If there are children that need to spend the entire time at the center, perhaps we could help you arrange a video or two in the upstairs ballroom. Responsible supervision (21 years and older) is required. This can be done in shifts so that no one of your family members is overburdened, or we can provide supervision if you desire.

Cancellations: We apologize but we must charge fees to protect us if you have to cancel. In the event of cancellation after the first consultative session, or within 120 days of the event – whichever comes first; in addition to the deposit paid, a $500.00 cancellation fee, plus charges for any goods or services received, and any deposits paid by The Manor at Eldredge Square to its vendors, i.e. photographers, florists, etc. will be assessed and payable. In the event of cancellation within 90 days of the event, the above charges apply and the cancellation fee becomes $1000.00. In the event of cancellation within 45 days of the event, the entire amount will be due and payable upon cancellation. Any of the above charges will automatically be made to the credit card number we have on file. Your deposit however, will remain on our books for a couple of years and can be utilized to re-book another event with us during that period if you desire.

Catering: With the exception of the wedding cake or favors, the complete menu will be catered by The Manor at Eldredge Square. No other food or drink items should be brought into the venue except items for personal consumption. The standard catering service period during your event is two (2) hours. More food service time is available at $150 per 1/2 hour. Please coordinate time frames that are to be printed on your invitations with the Eldredge Manor for approval prior to printing (as we do require that food be served throughout the time stated on your invitation). Prior to the close of the food service period, we will inform you and assure your last guest is served, at which time the linens will be removed from the tables and the room cleared. Receptions require a catering minimum of 100 servings. (On Saturday evenings during peak-season, we require 250 servings minimum or equivalent). The minimum catering charge per guest is $5.75. Any changes to the guest count must be made 2 weeks in advance. We are only able to send personal portions of food home. As a general rule, we serve food only in the dining room. To ensure the cleanliness of the bride’s and attendants’ gowns, we ask that no food or drink (water excepted) be in the bride’s and attendants’ rooms.

Date Changes: If your event is more than 4 months away or, if it is within 2 weeks from booking your event, your date can be changed for free. If you are within the 4 months (120 days) of your event, you will be subject to a penalty, depending on the proximity of your event, to change dates.  We will refund one-half of your date change fee if your original date re-books. Date changes cannot extend beyond 60 days of the original date nor can the event type be changed as these actions will be considered a cancellation.

Decorations & Deliveries: You are welcome to bring decorations, trousseau, photos, gifts, flowers, etc. to display.  We do not allow silly string, confetti, rice, glitter in any form, bird seed, foam peanuts or other similar items. Third party decorators must discuss with us their designs, set-up plans and procedures as there are restrictions as to what may or may not be allowed. Please no nails, tacks, sticky tapes, or fish-line. Please consult with us prior to your selection of certain decorations. All items and set-up personnel for the evening session must arrive no sooner than 4:00 PM. Due to the fact that our cleaning crew has the building from 3:00 PM until 4:00 PM, any deliveries prior to 4:00 will be turned away. All deliveries and items for the early session must arrive at 11:00 AM or after.

Indemnification: You and your guests use the Eldredge Manor at your own risk. The Manor at Eldredge Square is to be held harmless from any and all claims of personal damage or harm resulting from the use of the facility including, but not limited to; lost or stolen items, personal property damage or loss, personal injury or accidents (including traveling to or from the facility). Further, The Manor at Eldredge Square is to be held harmless where the result of any acts of nature (force majeure) limits the fulfillment of this contract or is beyond our reasonable ability to fulfill this contract. This includes but is not limited to; power spikes or outages, earthquake, flood or wind damage, significant internal equipment failures, etc.

Landscape Usage: During outdoor events, we ask that everyone please remain on the pathways or lawns. Guests are not allowed to walk/run through the flower beds, climb on the rocks or throw items into the ponds or fountains. To the degree we are able; our staff will quietly and behind the scenes monitor this. When shooting pictures with your photographer and prior to guests arriving — by exercising caution you may climb onto rocks and other landscape features for better photo positioning provided that there is no damage to flowers and landscape. We reserve the right to assess a charge for damages to the landscape – including the picking of flowers if it requires replacement for the next event.

Outside Vendors: Our vendors, (photographer, florist, disc jockey etc), are highly talented, familiar with the Manor, reasonably priced and recommended. But, if you have favorite vendors or others you feel are more suited to your needs than what we offer, you are most welcome to use them. However, please assure that any outside vendors you may hire; photographers, florists, disc jockeys, videographers, and decorators, sign our user agreement prior to coming on to the property. The Vendor user agreement can be found on the contact page of our Web site.

Payments: A credit card number is required to book and secure a date. Following a 48 hour grace period, this deposit becomes nonrefundable. The balance is due in full with guaranteed funds – cashier’s check, cash or a swiped credit card with a sufficient daily spending limit – on or before the event date but prior to the event.  Personal checks may be used but not within thirty (30) days of the event.

Send-off Celebrations: Sparklers or bubbles are preferred with some restrictions. Natural rose petals may be thrown but should be picked up. No confetti, rice, silly string, bird seed, foam peanuts or other similar items are allowed anywhere within the venue. Sparklers must be of our brand and carefully supervised and used away from the building and any painted or vinyl surfaces or outdoor carpeting. Car decorating is also allowed but please advise those likely to be involved to use good judgment. The Manor at Eldredge Square reserves the right to charge an hourly rate for clean up from these activities and any damage that occurs.