Good photographers will capture lifelong memories of your wedding dayYou’ve already chosen the perfect Utah reception center, your dress is fitted and ready to go, and the big day has finally arrived. In addition to the memories you will be making as you attend your wedding and say your vows, chances are that you are also going to capture this day on photo and/or video.

In order to make the most out your wedding photos, here are a few tips for looking your best and capturing your big day:

Your reception center matters: Having a good foundation is necessary to get the best wedding pictures. Choose a Utah wedding venue that offers great architecture and unique settings. Look for a venue that provides a photo background better than just a wall in a large hall. Plus look for options for outdoor garden pictures, then you’ll already be set with a colorful backdrop and that perfect setting for your photos.

Select a good photographer: Although it might seem more cost-effective to have your amateur photographer cousin do your wedding photos, you have to remember that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Choosing a photographer who specializes in weddings—who has the portfolio to back up his or her experience and understands the lighting at your particular venue—is often more important than saving a few bucks.

Variety is your friend: Talk with your photographer to ensure that you’ll have plenty of wedding photo options. Try to get black and white, sepia, and color photos, and try a variety of different backgrounds and poses. Not every picture will be perfect, but having a large selection is better than relying on just one or two options.

Add some candid photos: Increasingly the best and most sought after pictures are the ones that no one is posing for. A stolen embrace at the back of the garden courtyard, the dance floor in full swing—these types of situations make for great memories and tell a wonderful story. Be sure and select a photographer willing to work the whole wedding…not just an hour or two of staged pictures.

Be comfortable: A large, formal ball-gown and layers of makeup you aren’t used to will restrict your movements all throughout your wedding. Although you might be able to nip a few inches off your waist with a corset or feel picture-perfect with a thick layer of foundation on your face, your photos will reflect your discomfort. Wear what makes you feel good, and try to be as natural as you can throughout the day. Your wedding photos will be better for it.

Of course, the best advice for good wedding photos is to enjoy yourself. One of the biggest certainties is that the mood and atmosphere of your wedding will come through in your photographs. Laughter and love are the two best items you can bring to your wedding photos—and they come from within.

By choosing a Utah reception venue that will take on some of the stress for you and remembering what your marriage is truly about, you can have a great time and create great memories to go along with it.