Planning for uncertain weather on your wedding dayIf you’re getting ready to choose an outdoor wedding reception center in Utah, you know that the weather isn’t to be trusted. Although Utah is one of the most beautiful for an outdoor reception, there are quite a few unknowns when you’re dealing with Mother Nature. In fact, even in the balmy summer months, the occasional overcast skies and cool mountain breezes can make it difficult to plan your reception outdoors.

Fortunately, it is possible to have your outdoor reception and enjoy it, too. With the right kind of planning and reception venue, you can hope for the best while planning for the worst — and still have a beautiful, elegant wedding reception that will meet all your expectations.

The Time is Right: The traditional wedding season runs from May to September. During these months, you have a better chance of warm weather, clear skies, and a little dependability when it comes to the weather. Although you will most likely have to compete with other brides-to-be for the best outdoor venues during these months, it is important to time your outdoor reception appropriately. Plan ahead and secure your location and wedding date well in advance.

Your Wedding Reception Venue: The most important thing you can do to ensure a great outdoor reception is to find a location that can support both indoor and outdoor and events. An estate like Eldredge Manor offers two acres of gardens and a courtyard built in the Victorian tradition, and both of them are built to support garden receptions of all shapes and sizes. However, if the weather forces you inside, you will find just as much grandeur and beauty in the ballroom. A versatile reception venue is key in planning an outdoor event.

Heat is Just as Bad as Cold: Most brides-to-be worry about a reception getting rained out or being too cold; however, extreme heat can be just as disastrous. Choose a wedding reception center with natural shade trees is always best. Wedding tents can also work if there is enough of a breeze to move the warmer air that can build up underneath. Make sure that there is air conditioning nearby for guests who have special needs.

Guest Comfort: Many brides and bridal parties are able to adjust to weather issues by purchasing capes, shawls, and other clothing items that can stand up to a slight chill in the air. Remember, though, that while your comfort is important, you must allow for your guests, as well. Elderly guests and children are especially susceptible to extreme heat and extreme cold, so have a back up plan if you think the weather isn’t going to cooperate.

The Great Outdoors: Even in the most ideal outdoor space, nature will still be nature. Insects can only be controlled so far. The best photographer won’t be able to coax the sun out from behind a cloud. Wind can sweep in and blow your careful preparations away. In order to have a truly successful outdoor wedding, flexibility and a sense of humor must be the order of the day. Although having a sheltered, well-cultivated area like the courtyard at Eldredge Manor will help keep the worst of nature at bay, you still have to be prepared for setbacks.

An outdoor wedding reception can be one of the best decisions you make for your wedding. The natural backdrop of flowers and greenery, the elegant exterior of a mansion, and the enjoyment you get out of nature can all combine to create unforgettable wedding memories. Remember, though, that while you can control your wedding reception venue, you can’t control the weather. Make the most out of the space you have and do your best to enjoy what nature hands you.