Wedding colors will help you determine your whole wedding themeOne of the first things you’ll do when planning your wedding is decide on the wedding colors. That’s because before you can even order the invitations, you’ll need to determine what your overall theme and colors will be. Whether you go for a romantic pink with traditional touches or a vibrant blue that matches the sky for your outdoor garden reception, your colors will set the tone for your entire event.

Do You Have a Favorite Color?

For some brides, the wedding color is the easiest decision to make. Perhaps you’ve always loved the color purple or imagined a formal black-and-white masquerade ball for your reception. Maybe you know you want daisies for your wedding flower and need a crisp blue that will offset them. You might even have already chosen your Utah wedding reception venue and want to choose a color that will accent the Victorian d├ęcor.

If the answer isn’t that easy for you, take some time to imagine the overall style you have envisioned for your day. You might be able to eliminate a lot of choices this way. Bright colors won’t go well with a formal theme; a somber gray or deep red won’t work well with a beach-inspired wedding. Narrowing your options is a great way to get started.

Search Through Design Magazines

Although most brides assume they’ll need to stock up on bridal magazines, few of them worry just yet about the home and garden section. However, this is one area where it pays to pay attention. Pick up a few interior design magazines and browse the rooms showcased there.

These magazines are notorious for being able to select complementary colors or color combinations that evoke deep feelings. Find the ones you like the best and see if the same colors can be applied to your wedding reception.

Choose Your Gown Style and Color First

Although you hardly have to go out and purchase a gown right away, it is a good idea to know what type of wedding gowns you’ll be looking at. Are you imagining a classic white with sleek lines? A deeper ivory with lace accents? Find pictures of what you have in mind and put color swatches next to the gowns to see how well they go together.

Many bridal party colors will clash with the more nontraditional gowns. For example, a vibrant yellow wedding and a champagne wedding gown won’t exactly compliment one another. If you aren’t sure just yet what type of gown you’ll be choosing, stick to less forceful wedding colors so that you have more of a blank template to work with later on down the road.

Spend Some Time at Your Utah Wedding Reception Site

If you’ve fallen in love with a place like Eldredge Manor, spend some time in our gardens and ballroom to build a vision of your big day. For an afternoon reception in the outdoor garden, you might be inspired by the pink and yellow flowers that bloom under the wide blue sky. For a formal evening reception, our ballroom might bring to mind sparkling rubies and elegant brocades. We want to be an integral part of your big day, and are here to help you create a vision that will carry you through your wedding and into the early days of your happily ever after.