This magnificent estate is on the National Register of Historic Places. The exterior walls are constructed of three bricks. The two interior layers of a more inferior brick quarried from a lot just to the southwest of the home and an outer layer of high grade brick.

There were several wells on the Bountiful, Utah property. A flowing artesian well is still used today. However, it is now on the property of an LDS Church Ward house at 660 North 800 West. This well was used as a “rest stop” and to water the horses of travelers as it was “a half-day’s ride” from Salt Lake City.

A well just outside the west wall of the home was used for drinking water. It was pumped to an attic storage tank and then used as pressurized water within the home. This was a rather new concept at the time. The well was capped in the late 70s.

Mrs. Eldredge painted flowers on the small glass panes on the second floor French Doors. This was discovered several months ago from a descendant making a visit to the home. Initial steps have been taken to restore the panes as they had been carefully covered over with paper and then painted. These are visible from the north side of the doors.

Mrs. Eldredge also hand painted the floor coverings in the original Master Bedroom, now part of the groom’s room. We have left this artifact in place beneath the carpet of the groom’s room and exposed in a nearby closet.

One of the more notable facts is that the home has had very little renovation to the original floor plan:

  • The south porch was enclosed sometime before 1970 but restored to its original design during the 2005 renovation.
  • The archway between the front room and the original dining room has been widened. This appears to have happened fairly early on as the flooring hardwoods are quite similar.
  • The lower section of the stairs has been altered. We are unaware of the original run of the lower half of the stairs (below the landing). This was done sometime after the Eldredges sold the home and prior to 1970.
  • A doorway was cut into the east exterior wall of family room leading outdoors, circa 1970.
  • The wall was removed between the Ballroom and the Original Master Bedroom. This was done in the 1980s to create more room for the dining area.
  • The third floor was completely redone circa 1970. It has been used as a “caretaker” apartment ever since.
  • The grand porch on the East was added in 2005 as a second dining room.
  • A carport, likely constructed around 1930 has been enclosed circa 1970 and recently renovated into a state-of-the-art kitchen.

Additionally, several original items still remain with the mansion. In addition to those already mentioned are:

  • Virtually all the wood moldings excepting the “window boxing” on the walls.
  • The mural on the west wall of the front room.
  • The ironing board in the second floor kitchen.
  • Several of the window panes. One can pick them out as the glass is quite uneven.
  • The sandstone fireplace mantle and hearth.
  • The mirrored armoire

The Eldredges were innovators as they were said to be among the first in Utah to have indoor plumbing, radiant heat, closets, an elevator and an automobile.