Any large event that you plan is going to put a strain on your pocket and on the earth. Because you’re looking at up to hundreds of guests (all of whom need to be invited and fed) gathered in one place at one time, there will be ecological ramifications.

Fortunately, in this day and age, it’s easy to offset some of these factors with a few easy, eco-savvy steps. For a “green” wedding that not only save you money, but makes you feel good about giving back on your big day, here are a few tried-and-true tips.

  • Invitations: The easiest place to cut back on your paper waste is your invitations. You can skip more formal, stiff papers and choose something recycled, or you can go online for inviting some of your younger guests – older generations may never even know that you sent them an e-vite to your wedding, you can always explain your justification and ask them to help you make your day as ecologically sound as possible.
  • Gifts: Gifts represent one of the biggest materialistic aspects of a wedding. While it’s always nice to start a new life with plenty of items to fill your home, all of the packaging and shipping isn’t necessary. Consider asking for gift cards for the items you want in place of shipping and wrapping. If you are in a position, ask for contributions to a charity in place of gifts (double points if it’s an environmental charity).
  • Flowers: While wedding flowers might seem like a harmless way to celebrate the earth, the truth is that those exotic blooms you order from the florist typically have to be grown and shipped from as far away as South America. Skip cut flowers in favor of potted plants, or rely on fake flowers to fill in the gaps. Paper flowers can also add an environmental touch.
  • Decorations: There’s no need to go out and buy all new decorations for your wedding—in addition to being costly, it can be detrimental in terms of waste. Look for facilities that already have the needed décor on hand or borrow decorations from friends. Oftentimes, you can make do with very little and some creative lighting.
  • Attire: Instead of going formal with an elaborate bridal party dresses and tuxedos, consider using natural fibers like linen. While you probably don’t want to sacrifice your theme or your vision, you can cut back by avoiding heavier fabrics, especially if you’re planning a summer celebration.
  • Carbon Zero Donation: If you have room in your wedding budget to make a carbon zero donation, you can literally offset all of your carbon footprint for the wedding. A carbon zero donation puts funds into forest restoration and other earth-positive initiatives as a way to counterbalance the exact amount of damage your carbon usage causes in the first place.
  • Venue: One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to go green for your Utah wedding is to pick the right venue. We don’t mean hike through the great outdoors and find a picturesque spot in the heart of nature—on the contrary, this step is likely to be more damaging to the earth in the long run because of wear-and-tear, transportation and set up costs. Instead, look for a wedding hall that already has everything built in and ready to go. You save on decorations, set up and preparation, linens, and flowers by having it all in one place that specializes in weddings like yours.

Eldredge Manor provides a great foundation for your green Utah wedding. Because we specialize in weddings year-round, we allow you to plan the wedding of your dreams without requiring large purchases or strains on the environment.