Fruit assortmentWhile your wedding reception venue and the bride’s gorgeous dress are sure to set the tone for a wedding, perhaps nothing makes guests remember a wedding quite so well as the food. From full five-course meals to unique buffets, wedding cuisine that goes above and beyond the ordinary will surely keep people talking about the event long after “I do” has been said.

Like most wedding trends, what’s hot in food comes and goes depending on the time of year. Few people want a heavy sit-down meal for a garden wedding in the summer, while winter weddings with comfort food tend to leave everyone happy and warm. If you want to make your Utah wedding reception unforgettable, here are a few ways you can take advantage of recent trends and hot ideas for your menu.

  • Summer Sweets: Finger foods and light sweets tend to go over really well in the summer months. While you can always fill your guests up on elegant sandwiches and salads, put your focus on the sweeter side of things. Towers of gourmet pastries, ice cream sundae buffets, crepes, a dessert buffet—all of these make great (and fairly inexpensive) ways to impress your guests.
  • Gourmet Winter Treats: The winter months are a great time to provide richer, more elaborate cuisine to your wedding guests. Focus more on savories than sweets, and stick to tried-and-true comfort foods. Your guests will appreciate the traditional touch, especially if your wedding coincides with the holidays.
  • Build-Your-Own: One of the hottest wedding trends for 2014 is build-your-own buffets. Ice cream sundaes, cupcakes, s’mores, salads, sandwiches, fancy sodas—anything where you can provide a base and toppings (and let the guests take it from there) will be a big hit. It’s both interactive and delicious, and will get your guests mingling.
  • Simple Palates: While there’s no rule that says you can’t serve sushi or jalapenos at your wedding, it’s usually best to skip the extreme ends of the food spectrum. Not everyone enjoys spicy food or ethnic cuisine, and older guests may be unable to eat your more unique dishes. Stick to traditional foods or at least provide plenty of options for those who aren’t ready to share your adventurous palate.
  • Think Safety: Sunshine, heat, and time will eventually wreak havoc on even the most delicious gourmet meals. If you’ll be having a buffet or serving food outdoors, be sure to take into account things like salads served with mayonnaise-based dressings or anything that could spoil. Food safety is more important that wowing your guests with something new.
  • Foods with Special Meaning: Maybe you and your new spouse met for the first time at a restaurant that served the best pulled pork sandwiches in the city. Perhaps you’ll be honeymooning in Mexico and love the idea of a taco bar for your wedding. If food played a special role in your courtship, it might be fun to bring a piece of that to your big day.

You can also put your trust and your menu in the hands of your Utah reception hall. Because facilities like ours have been putting on successful, guest-pleasing buffets for years, we know just how to appeal to varying palates while making your day unique.