Flower girls play wedding gamesMemorable Utah wedding receptions aren’t necessarily the ones with the highest wedding budget or the most impressive guest list. When it comes to creating a truly unique day that will have your guests reminiscing for months, the trick is in creating an environment of fun, warmth and friendship.

One way to accomplish this is by amping up the fun with wedding games. If you have a large group of guests with a variety of age ranges to entertain, there’s no better way to get the reception hopping through a few amusing activities.


  • Wedding Couple Trivia: You can also create your own board game just about you. Questions about the bride’s and groom’s childhoods, multiple choice options about how the bride and groom met and where they shared a first kiss—anything that sets the tone for your event is a good way to engage your audience.
  • Musical Chairs: Of course, sitting and playing games is one thing, but if you want to get people up and moving, you may need to consider some dancing games. Musical chairs is a great way to start. This childhood game is one most people are familiar with, and a Utah reception venue with a dance floor our outdoor courtyard should have ample space to play.
  • Table-Top Board Games: One of the most difficult issues can be to entertain your guests and keep them happy at their tables, as you’ll most likely be off mingling. Board games can make a great diversion. Don’t opt for complicated games like Monopoly or Risk—instead, look for handfuls of trivia cards or a quick game like Apples to Apples. There are even special icebreaker games designed for weddings
  • Raffle or Door Prizes: People always bring the bride and groom presents, but there’s no reason why you can’t return the favor. You can have every guest enter a raffle, place a winning ticket under one of the dining chairs, or even set up a prize as part of one of the trivia games. If you don’t want to spend the money, you can even raffle of one of the wedding trinkets (like the bridal bouquet or centerpieces you made yourself).
  • Cartoon Portraits or a Photo Booth: Keepsakes that last long after the wedding ends are always a nice touch. Hire a cartoon portraitist or set up a photo booth and allow your guests to capture the day in their own way. These can be a bit costly as wedding activities if you hire third-party providers, but talented friends can go a long way in helping out.  A photo booth doesn’t have to be anything more than a sheet, a few props, and a friend with a digital camera.
  • Karaoke: For the truly adventurous, you can invite your guests to take center stage and provide their own music. Karaoke machines can be rented out fairly inexpensively, and a Utah reception venue with adequate space should be able to accommodate this fun and inexpensive activity.
  • Last but not least – Buffet or Goodie Bar: Bonding over food is always a great ice-breaker. Any reception with a dessert buffet such as a sundae station, crepe bar, a build-your-own- Italian soda bar, cake bar, or a candy buffet is a great way to bring people together. Build-it-yourself buffets are very trendy this year. You can even provide goodie bags so guests can take their treats to go. This really is the easiest way to make your event more conversational, friendly and relaxed.

Throwing a fun and unforgettable wedding reception doesn’t have to be expensive or overly involved. With a few small touches, you can engage your guests and push your wedding to the next level.